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Modding after new map update


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Hi, since the old map has been removed and it has now changed over to the new map, I am not able to mod anything, when I do, the game doesnt start up. When I try to open my ABE and open resources.assets it says I need to select 1 of a long list of different name id things, and I am not sure which one to click because the ones I have done so far dont work. Any help with this would be appreciated, I just want to know how we mod the game since the new update. Thanks.

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Hi NickSchults2020, When the database selection pop up appears you are required to select the one all the way at the bottom and it should work.


Since the new update the game was updated to the 2020 unity version some users have had issues regarding modding, a fix we have found for some users was updating UABE to the newest version or using UABEA however the team doesn't currently provide any support of it.

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