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Blue Line Roleplay


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man_police_officer Blue Line Roleplay!!!man_police_officer 

What we have:

Nice and friendly admins and staff!!!
Good roleplay sessions with flexible times to work best for you!!!
Over 20 members and rising daily!!!
Many Roles -
We have over 50 roles

We have the Sherriff's Division
Highway Patrol Division
City Police Division
Parking Enforcement Division
Fire Division
EMS Division

We have a police chief.

We have a fire chief.

We have a chief of EMS

Each division has 3+ sub-divisions giving you many options

You get to pick more than one role!!!

We have many ranks like Sgt., Lt., etc.

We are looking for:
We are also having applications for Discord and FL server moderators!!!
If you ever wanted to be a discord moderator now is your chance

Blue Line Roleplay, join today to become part of the BLRP Crew

Use this invite link to join today and become part of the BLRP CREW!!!!!! https://discord.gg/ZUGERrqRYR

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