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Modify Transform file

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This is a tutorial about how to modify licence plate, lights and a lot of little details. You'll have the ability to change the position, the rotation and the scale of a lot of details.

First step: Download
AssetRipper : https://github.com/AssetRipper/AssetRipper/releases/tag/
Unity2019.4.38f1 : https://unity3d.com/fr/get-unity/download/archive
DevX Demo : https://devxdevelopment.com/Download
UABE 2022(it's a new version with a big window) : https://github.com/SeriousCache/UABE/releases/tag/v3.0-beta1

Second step: Export
With AssetRipper, you will click on File>Open Folder and select flashinglights_data folder
After the loading, you will only export resources.assets or every files
It will create a folder where you decided to and you will put this folder on a Unity Project (on the bottom part of the window)
You will have to wait a long time but after every files will stay on the Unity project


Third step: Modify
With Unity, you will go on ExportedProjet>Assets>PrefabInstance folder where you will search a car and you will see a lot of new files on the left.
You will choose 1 file and with Devx, you'll click on Open>Open Unity3D/Unreal game directory and you will select flashinglights_data folder
In DevX, you'll search the car name and you will find every files which are about this car, so you'll find the file wich you choosed.
When you'll find the file, you will click on its Transform and, on the right, you will see in which asset is the file and what is its Path ID.
So, with the new UABE, you'll search the Path ID and you will click on View Data and you will find every informations about position, rotation and scale.
And if you modify and save any value, it will change it in-game



By Azriel.

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