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UK Ambulance Service Sirens


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Hi there! 


Currently working on a UK Pack (EMS Pack) I plan to publish in due course (Attached picture of Early Ambulance for proof here) - Attempting to edit the siren sounds to make them more realistic to UK sounds


I get this error message when attempting to use UnityBundleExtractor to gain the UABE dump files necessary to continue the process


I can attest to the UK Sirens for ambulances being identical to the UK Police sirens (Fire however differ) so any potential UK Police nerds might be interested to help see this through also?


Just wondering if anyone could potentially help me out here?! 


Siren_01 is the Wail, Siren_02 is the Yelp


I've got the audio files that need to be ported, I just need it put into the resources file for me! (Or being told where I am going wrong)


Thanks in advance for any advice/help





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