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Mesh Modifications Guide [OUTDATED!]


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How to edit an original mesh and apply your own edition to ingame.
Please note this method works with any mesh.
You dont need to change any of the LOD1,2 etc, ONLY the LOD0.
How to get the mesh from the game ready into Blender



Basic knowledge how Blender works. (Link takes you directly to the site where to download it)

Unity 2019.4.29f1 recommended to use. (Instant download when clicking on this link or find it yourself)

UABE 3.0 Beta 1 I have not tested if you NEED the beta version or if 2.2 d works fine, but in this guide we will use 3.0 Beta 1. (Instant download when clicking on this link or find it yourself)



You are NOT to use any of the models from FL to use else where outside of FL.

This guide is solely only to teach you how to mod within FL.


Open up the AssetBundleExtractor



Find the resources.assets and open it. (You can also find other meshes in sharedassets2.assets and in globalgamemanagers.assets)



First click on resources.assets (Assets) then double click the "Name" so you only see files starting with "w"



Find and select the file you are looking for and click plugins in this case i am modifying the trunk "Veh_Vic-02_Trunk_LOD0" Path ID: 1972



Now you click export to .dae and then you make a new folder (optional) but good for traction, i named mine "FL Modding", now save the file into that new folder you just made or wherever you want it (No need to close this window after use, it can be reused by opening another tab, follow the guide to see how.)




How to get the mesh from Blender ready into Unity
I used version 2.79 of Blender with this guide, you can use what you want.

Now open up blender and press A then X to delete the highlighted parts


Import the file you just exported.




It is a small model which is why you cannot see it

Now there is 2 ways you see the object easy

1/ Press "N" to open the right side panel


From here edit the "clip" from 0.1 to 0.01




Now scroll in and you see can see the object or press the , on your numpad (Prefered way.)


2/ Press 5 on your numpad to go into Ortho (Only prefered while using 1, 3 or 7)



You are now ready to make your edition to it, from here it is your own knowledge or follow the following videos on the basic knowledge for Blender use,
Blender Absolute Beginner Tutorial
Blender Tutorial For Beginners: Coffee Cup
When you have created your model, make sure to join the objects you made to the original mesh (Select them all (not the node) and do CTRL+J)


Export the mesh you now have made



Choose the name you want (dont matter) and then export it




How to get the mesh using Unity into the game


Open up Unity and click "New" (project name is optional) and then click "create project"




Delete the "Main Camera" and "Directional Light" (Not needed but makes it cleaner)



Find your file you saved in Blender and drag that into the assets tap



Now drag the file from the assets into the project tap



Now you need to build the scene, follow the steps below




For this you need a folder if you havent made one for the previous things, choose a filename for the file as well and then save it



Select sharedassets0.assets in your ChoosenName_Data with UABE 3.0 Beta 1





The mesh's you made will always be on the topish in UABE so select it and press Export DumpDump as text file and save it into the same folder with your ChoosenName_Data (name it whatever but simple enough to find)



Then you need to rename sharedassets0.assets.resS for your liking but keep .resS on the back on the name (i am naming mine Vic_Modified.resS)



When you have changed its name, you will now have to open up your .txt and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the text file until you see "1 string path = "sharedassets0.assets.resS"



Now change the "sharedassets0.assets.resS" with "Vic_Modified.resS" or whatever you named it, save the text file afterwards and you are now done with this part (you will need to include your ChoosenName.resS into flashinglights_Data along with any other .assets files you may create in the future under a different file name of couse)



Now find the file you exported from the beginning and press Import Dump (You can't select all three on the same time for this, gotta to it 1 by 1)




When you have done all three files you can now press "File" and click "Apply and Save All" to save the changes and choose the folder you first made (if you made one like i did) then save it (make sure to remove the -mod in front of .assets else it will not work)




You can now put the resource.assets and Vic_Modified.resS (or your ChoosenName.resS) file you made into the game folder "flashinglights_Data" and replace the current resource.assets and then you can open your game and see the changes!





Here is a preview of how mine looks like

unknown (1).png

unknown (2).png

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