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Vehicle Editor Image Names

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hey, it's me again, this time i present to you, the vehicle editor image file names. my last topic included these in it but i thought i would create a one just for these are they are somewhat commonly asked about. if someone does ask about these locations, feel free to reference this to them!


If you are new to modding, please visit the Flashing Lights Discord and the #mod-help section for tutorials and other files locations!


Vehicle Images


I have yet to check as to where these are located, if you do perhaps to know, please leave a comment or send me a DM on Discord @Frosty#7046



  • VehMenu_vehs_Cta_EMS
  • VehMenu_vehs_Fex_EMS
  • VehMenu_vehs_Fta_EMS
  • VehMenu_vehs_Vic_EMS
  • VehMenu_vehs_Truck_EMS2
  • VehMenu_vehs_Truck_EMS3



  • VehMenu_vehs_Cta
  • VehMenu_vehs_Ch
  • VehMenu_vehs_Fex
  • VehMenu_vehs_Fta
  • VehMenu_vehs_Tow
  • VehMenu_vehs_Van
  • VehMenu_vehs_Vic



  • VehMenu_vehs_Cta_FD
  • VehMenu_vehs_Fex_FD
  • VehMenu_vehs_Fta_FD
  • VehMenu_vehs_Vic_FD
  • VehMenu_vehs_Truck_FD2-3
  • VehMenu_vehs_Truck_FD2-4
  • VehMenu_vehs_Truck_FD2
  • VehMenu_vehs_Truck_FD3



Vehicle Livery Images



  • VehMenu_Livery_EMS1
  • VehMenu_Livery_EMS2
  • VehMenu_Livery_EMS3
  • VehMenu_Livery_EMS4   



  • VehMenu_Livery_PD1
  • VehMenu_Livery_PD2
  • VehMenu_Livery_PD3
  • VehMenu_Livery_PD4



  • VehMenu_Livery_FD1


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