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  1. More information about "FDNY Ten Truck"


    FDNY Ten Truck

    This Ladder texture is based on the real FDNY Ten truck based in ten house on Liberty street along with Engine 10 .
    The texture is made to be as realistic as possible , I had to make some changes on my version but its as accurate to the real one as I could possibly get it .
    I made this texture as kind of memorial to the heroes of the FDNY , not just for those who did not make it home but but also for those who keep doing the job day and night , and for those who have retired .
    I choose Ten Truck because of its unique look and its story as "Defenders of liberty.st" .
    -Do not re upload or modify this texture .
    -You can use this in mod packs for servers there is no need to ask for permission. (Give credit if possible)
    -You will need UABE to install this as I have no way to make the resource.assets each month.


    The last image on this page is a tutorial on what files you need to replace in what order
    (FireTruck02_2 , FireTruck02_2_O ,FireTruck02-2_N )
    If you need any help Leave a comment and I will respond
    A video can be found on how to replace texture mods on the official Flashing Lights Discord .

    Hope you enjoy this mod !


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  2. More information about "Scott SCBA"


    Scott SCBA

    This SCBA texture is based on a Scott SCBA .
    The texture is made to be as realistic as possible .
    -It features red stripes in staid of the green on the original texture . It also has the Scott safety logo and realistic looking pass advice along with a metallic look .
    This was uploaded on here before but the side got reset , ever since then I have improved on it to the best of my abilities .
    To install this mod replace SCBA-1 in sharedassets2.assets .
    If you enjoy this mod consider giving it a review or a rate .


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