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Minimap Designs

All Minimap designs.

1 file

  1. Base Game Map Texture

    Base Game Map Texture
    In this VIDEO i am explaining how to install the map texture.
    Just replace the following files after you done your edits:
    Minimap2_2048 -> Minimap2_2048 in sharedassets2
    UI_Minimap_2048 -> UI_Minimap_2048 in sharedassets2
    - Minimap2_2048
    - UI_Minimap_2048
    - You are free to use these files. ?
    -Questions? Problems? Bugs? Let me know in the comments I will usually respond within a day.
    -Please leave a Review, It helps alot
    About me:
    Hey, i am Hero, just a casual modder on FLmods, as well as the founder. Thank you for checking out my mods!

    Social Media
    Discord server: https://discord.gg/uNWSk6v
    My website: http://www.herogus3xd.com/


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