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All applications related to the modding of Flashing Lights.

2 files

  1. More information about "nesrak1 UABEA | Unity Assets Bundle Extractor Avalonia | Flashing Lights Modding"


    nesrak1 UABEA | Unity Assets Bundle Extractor Avalonia | Flashing Lights Modding

    This version of UABEA will support latest versions of unity versions. If you would like to update to the latest (if avaliable) or report any issues about the mod, please go to this github page. https://github.com/nesrak1/UABEA

    This application WAS NOT made by me but rather made by nesrak1. 

    This application was uploaded to FLMods with permission under the MIT License. The MIT License allows users to
    Commercial Use Modificaiton Distrubtion Private Use  
    Why UABEAvalonia
    UABE has currently not been updated in a while and does not support newer Unity versions. The goal of UABEA is to remake UABE to keep it up to date. All of the UI has been kept the same for those familiar with UABE. At the moment, implementing base features of UABE is still in progress. Also, it is built with Avalonia so it (should be) cross platform, no Wine needed.
    Link to the readme.md file for UABEA : https://github.com/nesrak1/UABEA/blob/master/readme.md

    UABEA Logo

    UABEA Screenshots for FL Modding


    Definition of MIT License
    (A short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.) 


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  2. More information about "FLLE | FlashingLights Light Editor"


    FLLE | FlashingLights Light Editor

    Project Link: https://gitlab.com/onsive.net/flle About The Project The ingame lights editor of FlashingLights is somewhat unusable at the moment. That's why I started this project. It allows easier editing of the light sequences of emergency vehicles.


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