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This mod is only intended to be up and running around the winter months and we're heading into summer. I'm too busy to bother updating it without good reason. Therefore, until October I will only update this upon special request and if I have the spare time. I'm keeping it up for the sake of, well, making sure folks are aware a quality total conversion snow mod already exists. Once again, next update will be in October, short of special request/time available.

If I get a complaint of yOuR mOdPaCk CrAsHeS mY gAmE I will laugh at the fact you've missed the very obvious, bright red warning saying it's outdated and to not install it, and upon being informed of this I will point this out.

For question, comments, etc. find me on Discord on the official FL server or message me directly: Elias Auxilibus#1234

7 Screenshots

This is Flashing Light's biggest and best winter mod ever! I can say that because it's the only actual winter mod. Conversely, this also means it's the smallest and worst winter mod at the same time. 🤔 Can you tell that I'm running on no sleep and am possibly suffering from a caffeine overdose?


Alright, enough of the nonsense. Now for the actual info! It contains more modified textures than I wish to count across 3 files. Keep in mind this is a sort of "light" version. It only has modified roads, sidewalks, and ground (The "full" version is only available to my Flashing Lights Department of Public Safety community, for those that have passed training). This mod does not include uniform/vehicle textures seen in the video below or screenshots.


There are some oddities which either cannot be fixed with the way the game shares textures and has them all over the place, randomly rotates them, or issues with lighting/shading, or whatever. Also, yes, I know there's like a random patch of grass in the city, bits of dirt, the fields, and some bits of road that don't have snow on them, and no, I won't be fixing those. Too much work for too little of a return (as for the fields, pretend they're muddy or something, I dunno. I've seen it plenty of times before where there's snow all around but cornfields and such have like no snow).


It's intended to have view distance no longer than 300, volumetric lighting on (for fog), grass turned off, and tree render distance set to low (most bushes and the like are controlled by this and not grass setting). In addition to these, it's best with you using the /snow command.


Installing this will remove most, if not all, mods you have in place if you have any. That is the nature of drag-and-drop style mods and cannot be "fixed." Drag-and-drop mods are also not compatible with each other usually. However, you will be able to manually install your own textures afterwards with UABE.


A video from GarrettPlays with my winter mod (including elements from the version my community has) can be seen here:



The snow textures I've made are not to be extracted, re-uploaded, modified and uploaded, attached to other mods, or otherwise tampered with and subsequently released without the express written permission of myself. I am not responsible for any damages that may or may not happen to your copy of Flashing Lights or your computer. I am not responsible for any altered behavior of Flashing Lights or your computer. The .zip that you download is not to be altered in any way, shape, or form. By downloading or otherwise using this mod you agree to these terms.

What's New in Version 0.8   See changelog


Updated to stable branch as of 3/7/22.

1: Download the mod. Put it somewhere you can find easy.
2: Right click Flashing Lights in your Steam library.
3: Go to Properties, then Local Files, then Browse
4: Open the flashinglights_Data folder
5: Find the FL WINTER MOD.zip you downloaded and open it.
6: Simply either copy or drag every file inside the .zip to the game's data folder.
7: Overwrite when asked. Now you're done!
8: Type /snow in-game for the full experience. Type it again to disable the snow.
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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Really nice mod!

Response from the author:

Thanks! This was a bit of a pain to get sorted out.

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Shes.... Gorgeous.... *cries*

Response from the author:

Beautiful? I dunno, man. It was a pain for me. 😂

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Looks absolutely amazing, can only imagine the amount of time and effort you spent on this mod. But it is quite something. Good work man, was worth it!

Response from the author:

Thanks! Yeah, it was a MAJOR pain. I ended up having to manually go through every single texture the game has multiple times, of which there are literal hundreds of them, just to find the right ones. Even then I had to mess around a lot to get things to look decent, and that's not counting me having to create the snow textures themselves! There's more than 60 modified textures just in this modpack (this is the "light" version. The "full" version for my community has about 250).

Next year's version should be special. 😉

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