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Flashing Lights » Emergency Academy Roleplay

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Community Name:
» Flashing Lights - Emergency Academy Roleplay

Community Owner: 
» @Nightwalkersfear

Community Features:
» Active server(s) and players;
» Weekly (if not daily) roleplay events;
» Professional, mature and friendly staff team;
» Community Forums, Discord and teamspeak;
» Programmers working on easy-to-use systems;
» NEW Donations options with priviliges!
» Staff applications

Roleplay Features:
» Community adapts to the development of the game (long term vision);
» OPEN Department vacancies;
» Easy-to-understand rules and gameplay; (see guides on the website & discord)
» Custom Lawbook, including 'a' constitution, traffic laws and more in a Presidential system; (to be expanded)
» Promotion system ('The Police Academy') for active, dedicated and motivated players;
» PD system using 10-codes (mix EU/US); 
» Always running on the newest (stable) build of Flashing Lights.
» Professional (semi-complex) frameworks for each department with hierarchy systems implemented (and constantly expanding).

Emergency Departments:
» The Police Department of the Island
» The Islands' Ambulance Service
» The Fire Department of the Island


Community Theme:
» American with some European touches.


Community Description: 
Flashing Lights » Emergency Academy Roleplay is a medium difficulty roleplay server. EA-RP is aiming to become a realistic roleplay, diverse, fun and active community roleplaying flashing lights on a daily base. EA-RP hosts patrol-events on passworded servers and hosts low-rp public servers (for now). Feel free to take a look on our discord. We would love to see some creative, motivated and fun people joining! 


TeamSpeak 3

Edited by Nightwalkersfear
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  • Community Director

I am personally in this community to help out @Nightwalkersfear here and there and i must say he runs it decently. He respects and helps people and makes everyone feel welcome. Not to mention that he puts a lot of work in his community. 

Therefore i recommend giving EA-RP a try. 

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