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Royal Canadian Emergency Services

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Community Name: Royal Canadian Emergency Services 
Community Owner: @NordenRaider @Cpl. Irish @greenhamcalvin
Community Features:
» Active server(s) and players with daily/weekly RP events.
» Professional, mature and friendly staff team, with application options;
» Community Forums, Discord.
» Community adapts to the development of the game (long term vision);
» Always running on the newest (stable) build of Flashing Lights.
» Professional (semi-complex) frameworks for each department with hierarchy systems implemented (and constantly expanding).
Community Theme: Canada, Canadian, anywhere in Canada
Timezone: CMT - Central Mountain Time
Mods: Any Canadian Mods unless otherwise specified for RP Servers
Community Description: 
(RCES) Royal Canadian Emergency Services is a easy medium Roleplay server, founded June 2019. CA-RP is aiming to become a friendly, fun and active community, Roleplay flashing lights on a daily bases. CA-RP is currently in a start-up-phase. CA-RP hosts patrol-events on password servers and hosts Low-Rp public servers (for now). Feel free to take a look on our discord. We would love to see some creative, motivated and fun people joining!
Discord link: https://discord.gg/7PG7DgB

Screenshot (1346).png

Screenshot (1455).png

Screenshot (1345).png

Screenshot (1347).png

Edited by Cpl. Irish

Cpl. Irishs Live Streams Cover Photo.jpg

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