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San Jose Fire Department WIP


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Gonna give this area some use, since this section hasn't been touched in a bit. This is the work I've done so far for a SJFD pack. I still have to do the ladder and the explorer, plus fix the ambo's front bumper/horns and get rid of the residual diamond plating textures on the sides. I might also add compartments to the side of the ambo, but only if I can get them to look good.Screenshot_136.thumb.png.edefa0e183a18f3b13166784c2f95181.pngScreenshot_135.thumb.png.027a9fb2129f82dc0a8b54b8ddf90c2e.pngScreenshot_139.thumb.png.9ebafc87e5cbf8c56c2313f3b2ee2002.pngScreenshot_138.thumb.png.817ac2352101948c76926bd9ae3aa93f.png

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