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Could someone make a model of the Visor lights that go in the top corners of the police cars? So they replace the top and bottom lights in the windshield for the car? I would really appreciate it if someone could make a model for both light fixtures.

Here's a pic:( The top left and right lights)

Police Car Light Visor/grille Strobe Light And Lightbar - Buy Police Car  Light,Visor Led Strobe Light,Led Police Strobe Light Product on Alibaba.com

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Hi Unit604, Sadly due to limitations within the modding area;


- We can’t change location of where the lights attach from (this will also make it odd for other vehicles that don’t have the same shape)


- Modding light bars IS possible however the light bars won’t function, lights will continue flashing from the default light space

oie_oie_animation (2).gif

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