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Texas State Roleplay (FL)

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Community Name: Texas State Roleplay (FL)

Community Owner: @KawasakiH2Crew

Community Features

- Ranks for all departments

- Staff Active almost always

-Question ticket system

- FTO & Training Teams

- Friendly😀

Community Theme: Semi-Strict Texas Based RP🇺🇸

Timezone: CST (Central Standard Time)⏲️

Mods: Active modding team, Optional but very strongly advised 

Community Description: We're a Flashing Lights server set on creating a realistic roleplaying experience. We do take our roleplays seriously, but were not gonna be a stickler for every single rule in the book. We're based off Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, and Burleson. So, if you're interested in Texas State RP come check it out & see what fun and exciting experiences we have to offer you!

Discord link: https://discord.gg/rr7NJpCAUj 


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"We respond because all lives matter"


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