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Whisper's Flashing Lights | Serious RP


Hello, I am Whisper. This is my team's new up and coming Flashing Lights server.


We are a new server so we are reaching wide to find new members to help this server become one of the greats! We offer level roles so you get awarded just for being a part of the server! We have an active owner and friendly staff. Working up the ranks is simple and depending on in game stats, you can apply directly for High Command. We hope you come and enjoy your stay!


What we offer:

·Extensive Rank Structure and Custom Badges 

·Frequent Patrols

·Active Owner and Friendly Staff

·Level Roles 

·Donator Perks 

·Self advertising (Donator +)

· Lounge area (casino, counting, memes, etc.)


We are currently looking for partnership opportunities. New partners will automatically get the Server Partner role in our discord and have access to private channels as well as self advertising. You must be the owner/approved administrator of another Flashing Lights based server to be eligible for the partnership program. All High Command members from the server who join this one will get the role and benefits as well.


Whisper - YouTube

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