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Anyone Interested in some Livery work?


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We need some liveries made for all the fire department vehicles. We want them to be based off of Olathe Kansas, specifically station 2. they need to say Engine 52, Ladder 52 etc. etc..

Thanks to anyone who wants to help out. We don't have money as I am paying for treatment right now, so my apologies. And anyone who makes this will be added to our FD discord rp server!

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Please be aware the FLMODs team does not condone payments in any form. Please do not make any suggestions to make payments or accept payment requests, this can be found in the registration terms or down below.


"Within FLMODS we do not support any kind of paid modifications in any shape or form. All modding in FLMODS is free for everyone, which is our goal. This means that any user(s) using FLMODS to sell his or hers modifications is not allowed. Including (forum) advertisements and/or private messaging.
Any person(s) seen conducting such may be permanently removed from the website.

If you have seen any person doing so then please open up a support ticket informing us. Our moderation team will take care of this appropriately."

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Supporting the FLMods Community



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