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Guide - Modding - A guide to modding on Mac!


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A Guide to Modding on Mac!

The Requirements you need to get started to mod on your mac are:

  • A 16gb+ USB 
  • Flashing Lights ( Not Pirated)
  • A Windows Computer, Either VM or Physical Computer
  • Your Mods you would like to Put into the game.




Step 1: 

Locate your Steamapps folder, You can do this by going to library on steam, Right Click on Flashing Lights, Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files.

Step 2:

Locate your flashinglights data folder and drag that into your usb. 

Step 3:
Safely Eject your USB and Plug it into your Windows Computer, Also Make sure you have Unity Assets bundle extractor downloaded!

Step 4: 

Follow this guide on how to mod on windows, But One step is different in the video, Locate to your usb with Flashing Lights Data on it. 

Step 5: 
Make sure you save your resources.assets file or whatever file you edited onto a new folder on your usb, delete the resources.assets file or whatever file you edited in the fl data folder in the usb then replace with the one you saved in that new folder. Then after that safely eject your usb. 

Step 6: 
Plug your usb back into your mac and locate back to your flashing lights folder. Delete the whole folder in Flashing Lights game folder on YOUR STEAMAPPS FOLDER, NOT YOUR USB, Then drag the whole folder from your usb with the fl data folder back into the steamapps folder.

Step 7: 
If you did everything in the tutorial correctly then it should work! Load Flashing Lights up on your mac! and Have fun!

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