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Flashing Lights | Lighting Showcase

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Excuse me?! Stop playing with your lights for a minute.

Flashing Lights | Lighting Showcase is a new server that has been developed for all of you lighting addicts to come in and show off your lighting setups!

So what do we offer?
- A respectful admin team who are here to help you!
- A group of people who you can talk to for a variety of different reasons
- 'Just for Fun' games once and while to keep you guys excited!
- 3 shiny channels for your submissions;

**Come and design a new icon for the revamp we are having! Winner gets special server perks and their design to be used as the server icon!**

Myself and the rest of the leadership team are excited to welcome you to Flashing Lights Lighting Showcase and hope you have a fantastic time!

So... what are you waiting for?

- FLLS Leadership Team

Link: https://discord.gg/tpVVNzu

Credits to SWAT for the icon. This is currently the only submission. Competition closes 17.10.2020!


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Flashing Lights Lighting Engineers | Owner


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