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Hello, if you are on windows, try this
- exit game

- press the windows key + R on your keyboard to open the run console

- type in Regedit and click ok.

- once the registry editor opens, locate the folder Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NilsJakrins\FlashingLights

- select and delete the files that start with "Veh"

- start game

if you are on Mac, try this

It's more tricky with Mac, will need an Xcode to open .plist file, find the file:

- Go to upper menu (Finder / File / Edit ...) under Go

- press Go to Folder

- enter `~/Library/Preferences`

- look for file `com.NilsJakrins.FlashingLights.plist

Essentially its a save file for the game In that file should be able to do this

- select and delete files that start with name “Veh...”

- restart Mac! (important else no effect)

If you would delete the .plist file, all stats etc would reset in game

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