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Livery Selector Location


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Here are the locations for the livery selector. You can find these files in the resource.assets:


  • Marked:  VehMenu_Livery_PD1
  • Unmarked White: VehMenu_Livery_PD2
  • Unmarked Black: VehMenu_Livery_PD3


  • Marked: VehMenu_Livery_FD1


  • Ambulance: VehMenu_Livery_EMS1 (Default/Light red livery)
  • Ambulance_Body_2 (Dark Red Livery)
  • Ambulance_Body_3 (While Livery)
  • First Responder: VehMenu_Livery_EMS2
Edited by LeoSM_07
Added names for new ambulance textures -Leo
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Nobody The Rebel

Mod Creator

Owner of Nobody The Rebel Gaming



I accept mod request as long as they fit the criteria:

1. Must have badge/logo off of the vehicle

2. Must have clear view of all 4 sides


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