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Flashing Lights Dodge Charger 2016 Project (discontinued)

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Howdy people of FLMODS!

In this forum post I wanted to show you guys a project I had been working on and which I won't continue, but still wanted to show you the progress I've made.






As you can see in the 2 pictures above I succesfully put a newer model of the Dodge Charger in the game. 

I also have a video showcasing the vehicle etc.





Q : Are you going to release this mod/project?

A : No, I'm not planning to release this mod/project since the model I've used is a paid model. 


Q : Are you going to release a guide/tutorial on how to do this?

A : Nope, sorry. I'm not planning to release any guides etc. since this process is really time consuming and not worth the time (or your time). The process might also be different when using other models (I haven't checked the other models yet).


Q : Why are you not continuing this project?

A : Well like stated above, it is really time consuming and I don't have the determination anymore to continue this project.


Leave more questions down below in the comments!

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Wow that car look great man . https://gamemodels.ru/ I get all our cars from this site . I know you could not edit any of the cars from my site www.nfspolicehq.com because the doors will not open same for the hood . But we have not had a problem posting any cars just as long thy are free . If you do it for free I don't see it will be a problem .


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