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How Do You Make Your Own Vehicle Skin



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https://www.flmods.com/files/category/47-original-textures/ - Original files which can be used as a template

https://www.flmods.com/files/file/289-herogus3xds-template-pack/ - Black and white template pack

https://www.flmods.com/files/file/477-white-vehicle-templates/ - White template pack

https://www.flmods.com/files/file/615-pierce-ladder-truck-texture-template-24-colors-blank-vanilla/ - Ladder truck template

https://www.flmods.com/files/file/619-international-ford-ambulance-texture-template-24-colors-blank-vanilla/ - Ambulance templates


Using these i would suggest overlaying the templates with the UV mapping which will make it easier to see where all the edges for the vehicles are located, https://www.flmods.com/files/file/131-flashing-lights-uv-maps-more-than-shown-in-preview/



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44 minutes ago, itsyaboytom said:

I want to make my own skin but I don't know how.


Hi there.  You will need an image editing program like Paint Dot Net, Gimp or Photoshop.  Next, the templates for the vehicles are uploaded on this site.


From there, you can look up tutorials on Youtube for making skins in the editing program.  There's quite a few for GTA V - which the actual process of making the skin in the editor is somewhat the same.

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