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How to become a citizen?


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Sadly there is no way to be a civilian besides editting one of the uniforms to resemble an off duty clothing. Theres also no way to remove lights (besides for removing them all in the edit lights one by one) and no way to remove sirens. Pushbars on the other hand are able to be removed, however the process will remove them from all vehicles and you'll need to verify your files to bring them back. To remove pushbars follow these steps;




If you want to remove the pushbar (this will be removed from any vehicle using this model) then you can do so by deleting the following in resources.assets






Delete those 3, save the resources.assets somewhere on the the desktop, then drag it into flashinglights_Data and replace it (wont replace your current mods)


(Steps stolen from Flashing lights discord, Credit to C.Ritter for finding/posting the steps)

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On 3/12/2021 at 12:49 AM, xiaohei said:

How to unload? Do you need some software


Yes, Unity Assets Bundle Extractor.  It's offered on this site in the downloads.

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