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All the commands can be found on the flashing lights discord community in #help-in-game.


Useful Codes To Use In Game Below are a few useful codes which can be used in the chat box. To open the Text box, tap T. /m-cancel = Cancel current mission /v-reset = Reset vehicle in front of character

/tp-hq = Teleport character to start point (works only when on foot)

/kick_id = Multiplayer Host can kick players by their id found in list pressing Tab. Example /kick_1001

/ban_id = Multiplayer Host can ban players by their id found in list pressing Tab. Example /ban_1001

/nm_id = set Next Mission by id. Force next mission as set, it does not force the call, it will appear still at random time. Can not be the same twice in a row. Use T to open chat and use the command. ID list on Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/app/605740/discussions/0/1735469327934106789/



/cam1 & /cam0 = Free fly camera on/off, suggested to use outside of mission operations and custom views to avoid bugging the mission and/or player movement


(Copied and Pasted from the discord)

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