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Lorain Police Mod Request


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I will consider making this mod. Please be aware all of my work is voluntary so if I don't finish it I don't finish it. A few things I will need are clear pics of each side of the vehicle and the logo. I will only make the vehicle textures because I suck at uniforms.


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Nobody The Rebel

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I accept mod request as long as they fit the criteria:

1. Must have badge/logo off of the vehicle

2. Must have clear view of all 4 sides


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Here's images for the Lorain Police SUV. It's hard to find a good image for the back side of the vehicle but it's good enough. It says Lorain Police on the back btw. Also you can ignore the badges on the vehicle. I'm sure you can imagine the textures without the badges on them.

I'll start looking for the Sedan/dodge charger vehicle as well





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