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1/29 game has been updated


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You will need to redo all your previous modding, since the old game files will not work with the new update. There really isn't a faster way to do it than what you did to mod the game when you did it the first time. 


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18 hours ago, xiaohei said:


Use the AssetBundleExtractor tool to create a mod exe program, you can quickly replace the texture。

That's how i did it😀

How do I make it? Are there any instructional videos? Thank you!

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Hi, Xiaohei & Liaojacky, all available tutorials are still located in the mod tutorial section of the forums (https://www.flmods.com/forums/topic/45-all-available-video-tutorials/), again to emphasise there is no faster way to reinstall mods, you will still need to go the same way as the previous installation and mods reset after each update (both stable and unstable updates)


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